Love-Hate Social Media Relations

I have a love-hate relationship with the social media frenzy. The love comes from the instant connection I have with far-flung family members, long-lost friends, and new acquaintances — who would have remained strangers — from around the globe. As a writer, it is impossible to ignore the incredible access social media platforms give to such a broad scope of discussions, viewpoints, information, intelligence and creativity.

A couple decades ago, lengthy phone calls, trips to the library and limited online access were the protocol. Today, it’s easy to reference a range of professional news sources as well as people who are living the experiences we read about every day.

At times, it is surprising to continue reading the one-dimensional coverage obtained from mainstream media sources. It would be remarkable to see a move toward the inclusion of more perspective — from commentary readers contribute — on topical issues. Why not source more of these individuals in the articles they are discussing? The human element is what makes compelling stories and enables a greater understanding of our world.

As for the hate, I would point to the frustration I have with social media distraction. I am a social creature. Seeking out and building relations with other parents, fitness enthusiasts, writers, creative forces and style hunters is what makes my world go around. While I prefer personal social encounters, online forums give me the companionship I seek while writing or accomplishing other sedentary tasks.  Sometimes the distraction social media provides makes it challenging to stay on-task with must-do action items away from my desktop. Social media provide outlets for expression and accomplishment as well as for procrastination.

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