Beautifully Said…

As I battle through Day 7 of my first sinus infection, I wanted to share a quote someone shared on Facebook earlier today. The share was from a long-time high school friend who now lives in Texas. But, I do not know the original author. So, I am not intending to steal someone else’s words for my own gain.

The quote, however, got my mind cranking. So, I just have to share …

Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves cause you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.

— Author Unknown

Thoughts about all the daily tabloid junk I read online and at the supermarket about celebrated actors, musicians, entertainers, politicians, personalities, etc. swirled. I also considered all the rude, inconsiderate, and hurtful commentary I see and hear in the media as well as on the streets in the communities I frequent.

I am so moved by this quote, that it has prompted me to share a blog post I read on March 29 from a blogger I began following recently. She wrote a beautiful piece on silencing stereotypes.

Her observations on why we label ourselves and others inspired a respectful exchange about why it’s such a loss to judge others before giving ourselves a chance to develop any real knowledge of the person or group. Here’s what I said as a part of that dialogue.

Some people have irrational fear of the unknown or of people they are unable to understand/relate to. Our mainstream media often feeds this fire by encouraging people to hold on to stereotypes and/or prejudices. The ongoing Republican/Democrat, left/right wing, liberal/conservative rhetoric is a key example of this. It is sad when people cannot appreciate differences and see that these differences are what make our planet beautiful. Also, it is unfortunate that some people cannot see how much we all have in common with one another. Finally, labels prevent people from developing relationships with others they would otherwise find enjoyable.

In closing, I hope all of you are enjoying this weekend in the company family and/or friends.

For easier access to that blog post I mentioned previously, take a click here …

Silencing Stereotypes


Out Sick and Freaky Friday 13th

I did not ditch you. This week, I believe I contracted a very vicious sinus infection. It was my first one. So, I didn’t realize the nastiness I was in for until yesterday. We are slugging it out as I type. It will not win. I have drugs, faith, and nothing else creative to say. So, when I recover I will share more about my Freaky Friday 13th weekend.