Six Sentence Monday: Entry 10

I cringe in when one of my children is sick. Both count on me to make whatever ails them better. It’s up to me to keep my composure; and to not completely unravel. Those expressions of ill content on their sweet little faces is almost too much. I remember how my mother used to care. She was the best — and still is — at getting me through the worst life can deal.


Out Sick and Freaky Friday 13th

I did not ditch you. This week, I believe I contracted a very vicious sinus infection. It was my first one. So, I didn’t realize the nastiness I was in for until yesterday. We are slugging it out as I type. It will not win. I have drugs, faith, and nothing else creative to say. So, when I recover I will share more about my Freaky Friday 13th weekend.

A Rant for Today

A part of my brain says I have no business to gripe. There are others nearby and far away with challenges greater than mine. What’s the big deal? The deal is this. What good does it do to keep a rant close to my chest? The thoughts in my head need an escape before they are put to rest. So, here it goes . . .


It’s the last day of school for the week. I was thinking about fun for the four-day weekend ahead. So, I dress in haste and hurry to the kitchen. There, with my venti-size coffee in hand, I prepare a breakfast of eggs, toast and oatmeal for Issa and Riff. Then, Issa cried out. My superstar scholar said she felt icky and wanted to stay home. She loves school and never wants to miss a minute. But, her tired face and rising temperature insisted I call the school absent line.

Cleaning Frenzy

Ants have been trying to invade my house for days. Upon inspection of my kitchen this morning, a small number had broken through my lines of defense and marched onto my kitchen counter. I don’t use this counter segment for prepping or serving food. But, the appearance of these little a**holes whipped me into a cleaning frenzy that began at 8:00 am and has given me little pause. BTW, I finally sprayed some ammo — thanks to replenished provisions supplied from my husband — to issue a more menacing assault on ridding my home of these little sh*ts.


In addition to battling six-legged pests in my kitchen and treating a sick child, I cheered for multi-tasking success as Riff stepped out the door for his bus on time. As I opened the door, I saw the bus zoom away. WTF? It was only 8:55 am. The bus wasn’t due for another five minutes and doesn’t usually arrive until a little after 9:00 am. Plus, the bus driver is awesome. Of all mornings, why did he have to be early, today? Or, why did all my clocks have to be five minutes behind?

Just In Time

“Suck it up, Kate!” said my sister’s voice playing in my head. “There’s no time to whine.”

So, that’s what I did. I ignored my whiny inner voice and shrugged off the morning of debacles. Then, dialed Riff’s teacher — to say we might be late — and loaded my two into the car for a quick — but safe — race down the street. I made the drive just in time. Riff didn’t miss a minute of class; and Issa didn’t have to leave the warmth of our car to trek into the school office. The urge to push re-start on today dissipated and I went on my way.

What Does Buddy Say?

Sheesh! A dog sure has to rough it these days. Couldn't the people build me an outhouse?

When is this rain going to stop? I don’t have fins or webbed feet. Plus, the people forgot to buy me a snorkel for Easter. Heck. I don’t even think I received an Easter basket this spring. What is the world coming to? Going potty in these downpours is not for me and not my idea of summertime fun.