Election Day, Government Tests and Garnacha

Perhaps it’s the buzz I’m feeling from the Garnacha flowing to my soul. But, I feel liberated. Election day is nearly over. Precincts are now closed and mainstream media networks can now race each other to announce winners based on Vegas-style ejections. No, that’s not a typo.

We can now get back to our regularly scheduled programs. I can rekindle a relationship with my television and mainstream media. Don’t get me wrong. I studied and knew my ballot when it was my turn in the queue this morning. But, I elected to push the mute button on election festivities this season.

Mainstream information about the candidates and proposals is so biased it is not useful in my decision-making process. The millions spent obviously help candidates become elected; otherwise they wouldn’t put up the dollars. But, to me, it’s a waste of time to watch debates, read articles about campaign promises or talk to political advocates on the phone. They’re just talking from cue cards or from an outline some public relations team crafted. Do they really believe in what they’re advocating?

Ironically, my daughter has a social studies test tomorrow on government. For nearly four weeks, she has learned about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, core democratic values, and the three branches of government. I like that the third-grade teachers taught students about our government during election season; and gave them a reason to become interested how a representative government ought to work.

Now after hours of study, my angel sleeps. I am off to refill my glass of Garnacha and to watch shows I have on my DVR from Sunday night. Once Upon a Time and Revenge are my fave shows this fall. What will you watch tonight? Election results?


Celebrating Freedom

When the skies darkened north of the “D” crackles and pops interrupted the twilight hum. In anticipation of the big celebration on Wednesday, July 4, Friday night explosions rattled windows; and beautiful colors lit the sky. Neighbors shared in a preview of the multiple-day celebrations of independence. I am grateful to live freely and in relative peace. We can assemble and party as we see fit; and say whatever comes to mind. In fact, writing my blog posts is a freedom I enjoy immensely. There is little fear of government crackdowns, unwarranted door-to-door searches; or intimidation from voicing opinions or from practicing ethnic or religious traditions.

What if the government had to approve the guest list to your backyard BBQ; or if police arrested you and a couple of outspoken guests for discussing the ban on super-size soda?

Beautifully Said…

As I battle through Day 7 of my first sinus infection, I wanted to share a quote someone shared on Facebook earlier today. The share was from a long-time high school friend who now lives in Texas. But, I do not know the original author. So, I am not intending to steal someone else’s words for my own gain.

The quote, however, got my mind cranking. So, I just have to share …

Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves cause you’re a reflection of what they wish to be.

— Author Unknown

Thoughts about all the daily tabloid junk I read online and at the supermarket about celebrated actors, musicians, entertainers, politicians, personalities, etc. swirled. I also considered all the rude, inconsiderate, and hurtful commentary I see and hear in the media as well as on the streets in the communities I frequent.

I am so moved by this quote, that it has prompted me to share a blog post I read on March 29 from a blogger I began following recently. She wrote a beautiful piece on silencing stereotypes.

Her observations on why we label ourselves and others inspired a respectful exchange about why it’s such a loss to judge others before giving ourselves a chance to develop any real knowledge of the person or group. Here’s what I said as a part of that dialogue.

Some people have irrational fear of the unknown or of people they are unable to understand/relate to. Our mainstream media often feeds this fire by encouraging people to hold on to stereotypes and/or prejudices. The ongoing Republican/Democrat, left/right wing, liberal/conservative rhetoric is a key example of this. It is sad when people cannot appreciate differences and see that these differences are what make our planet beautiful. Also, it is unfortunate that some people cannot see how much we all have in common with one another. Finally, labels prevent people from developing relationships with others they would otherwise find enjoyable.

In closing, I hope all of you are enjoying this weekend in the company family and/or friends.

For easier access to that blog post I mentioned previously, take a click here …

Silencing Stereotypes

Parties and Beverage Preferences

kateschannel — did you have yours today?

Forget about parties and beverage preferences. The open exchange of ideas and decisive action are what the world needs right now. To be successful, the world needs to consider all kinds of philosophies. So, who cares about whether they are from the right, left, top or bottom?

Can you imagine how boring life would be if we all thought, felt and expressed ourselves in the same way? So, what if some ideas put forth are a bit freaky? Maybe they are. Maybe they are not. They could be some of the best ideas and they could bring about solutions that are desperately needed for the massive problems confronting our planet. However, the world will never know unless thoughts and ideas are shared, considered and tested.

kateschannel — delicious

BTW, my beverage preferences include Bell’sOberon, Italian Reds, spicy rum lemonade and Diary Queen cherry freezes. Where does this place me in the global political spectrum? Who knows and who cares? Maybe I should start my own party. Any ideas on what to name it?