Six Sentence Monday: Entry #11

What is beauty? I cannot answer that. Everyone looks at the world with their own eyes. Each views people, places, and things from a perspective of personal experiences, history and media influences. What is beauty to me? A Beautiful Me®, a 501c3 charitable organization that fosters girls’ self-esteem, is at the top of my list.

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Good People Find Good People: Kreativ Blogger Award Acceptance Speech

One week ago I met Susan, author and blogger at Sillyfrog’s Blog. Immediately, I felt an instant connection. The vibrant photo of a frog adorning her header made me think of my daughter Issa’s passion for animals and natural wonders. Then, upon reading some of Susan’s posts I found her love for children, family, and nature to an irresistible element to her writings. Finally, her creativity inspires.

With these thoughts about Susan’s personal and creative accomplishments, it is with great honor that I accept her nomination for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Once again, I am called to revisit a favorite quote I posted about a couple weeks ago, “Good people, find good people.”

I do believe in the connections — virtual or personal — people make with one another. To ensure I follow the code for being a blogger with some manners, there are rules I must follow upon accepting the Kreativ Blogger Award. They are …

  1. Copy the Kreativ Blogger Award logo and place it in your post. (Check)
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (Check)
  3. List 7 things about you that people might find interesting. (7 at 11 tonight)
  4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Kreativ Blogger Award. (Ditto #4)
  5. Leave a comment on the blogs you nominate to let them know about the award. (Ditto)

Remember when dittos were the norm? I loved getting out of class to make dittos for my teachers. Those were the days. What did you like getting of class to do?

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Good People Find Good People

Well, here it is. As promised, I wanted to call your attention to my updated blogroll. It contains all the blogs I read on WordPress as well as some I picked up through my blogger site. Each of them is a fave. Subject matters vary as do the writing styles. But, there is one thing each has in common with the other: they are all damn good blogs written by good people.

During an interview for a newsletter I write and publish, the interviewee gave me a quote that replays on a continuous feed in my head, “Good people find good people.”

Don’t you agree? It’s okay if you do not. But, I can honestly say that each blog I sign on to follow is a true treasure to me. I believe in the connections blog communities foster and hope that all of you are finding/developing common threads with those visiting you.

In closing, I have more to say about good people finding good people. But, I will save those words for my post next Thursday. Be on the look out for some lines about the good people I call family, friends, teachers and neighbors.

Have a good night, morning, afternoon or evening wherever you happen to be.

Saturday Mayhem with Tracy

kateschannel - Tracy - My Partner in Life and Mayhem

The sun, moon, and stars aligned last Saturday. My husband, Tracy, and I escaped parenting duty for a few hours of alone time. We opted to check out the Rock Mayhem Festival at the DTE Music Theatre. There we were treated to several head-banging performances by Machine Head, Megadeth, Godsmack and Disturbed. While I am not a huge fan of any band in this lineup, Tracy is. Plus, Megadeth and Godsmack both have songs that connect me with fond memories shared with Tracy since we married some 13 years ago. I can see us enjoying bonfire parties with his brother and family, trying to shoot baskets on roller blades at our first home, and painting and installing wood flooring in our current home.

Highlights from my date day with Tracy include . . .

Uninterrupted alone time. I didn’t have to stop Tracy mid-sentence to respond to competitive interests for my attention. My mind was free to focus specifically on romancing him and engaging him in worthwhile adult conversation. Eating, drinking and peeing in peace was equally refreshing.

People watching. Our fellow concert-goers earned the top spot on My Best 5 for people watching. Other experiences that make this list in no particular order include Ann Arbor during Hash Bash, after dark in downtown Tempe, AZ, Time Square, and Halloween week in New Orleans.

Tailgating before the show. There is nothing like chugging a couple ice-cold brews on a hot, muggy Michigan afternoon. The experience took me back to my high school and college years. I relive youthful times any chance I get.

Boy/girl security pat-down lines. To expedite security checks, DTE segregated concert-goers according to gender. It seems to me the search for contraband was hindered by this antiquated process. Here’s why. They had two lines for checking male concert-goers; and just one line for checking females. Also, after completing a check of all male concert-goers who had been in these two lines, the security officers stood around with nothing to do for at least 15-20 minutes while us females continued to wait.

The Devil Tree. As Tracy and I enjoyed Raspberry Kazis on the deck behind the infamous DTE hill, some guy asked us where he could find the Devil Tree. Tracy and I needed more than the double vodka shots in our drinks to help find this tree.

Charming the People: Four Keys to Success

Introducing — Riff — Master Charmer

Riff in my shoes

My four-year-old son, Riff is a master at charming people. He doesn’t need much coaching when it comes to endearing me, his dad, grandparents, teachers, bus drivers, teachers, and friends. His adherence to four basic rules brings him unparalleled success in acquiring treats, toys or special privileges. So, I’ll let Riff take it from here . . .

The Basic Four Rules

Eye on the prize

1. Disarm them with politeness. There is nothing like ending a head-splitting tirade with a calm, sincerely-said please or thank-you. Parents, caregivers and teachers alike will completely forget about the screaming, crying or other horrific noises you just made. As long as your request is somewhat reasonable, the adult in charge will usually cave to your demand.

2. Infect the target population with laughter. When goofing off at the dinner table or in a public place where such behavior is a turn-off, crank the volume on the infectious laughter button. It preserves goofiness and buys more minutes before adults go completely bonkers and bench you.

3. Make big, frequent, movie-star quality smiles. Be good-natured all the time and make those precious smiles radiant. This practice turns heads, makes the ladies swoon, and gets me those delicious, free, cast-off cookies from the bakery at that gourmet grocery store.

4. Build an “A” team of wingmen. It’s never too early to begin considering who qualifies for a position on your team of wingmen. These individuals will help you get a seat next to your favorite girl on the school bus, junk food for all meals when mom is away, and fast rides to where all the action is.

Thoughts About People and Connections

Impress upon me your image, your words, your intelligence, your sense of humor, your touch, your lips, your love.

I believe people come into our lives for a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is for a lifetime, a single-serving encounter, or a mere flash to our senses.

On Saturday, after completing a Zumba workout at my local dance studio, a classmate and I decided to cool off with a two-mile walk on the Clinton-Macomb trail. Access to the trail, was just across the street from the dance studio.

As we walked, the two of us conversed about children, parents, death, illness, coping with adversity, prayer, pets and cleaning out household clutter. Anyone listening would have thought we had known each other for decades. Despite our brief acquaintance, all conversations touched on such a deep level. I made myself stop and really listen to the significance of the words being exchanged.

With some people, it takes a lifetime to truly understand their connection with us. With others, it takes an addiction to Zumba and a two-mile cool-off.

Life on Friday: A Snarl Unleashed

It happened in my kitchen at 7:00 am, today. My daughter’s school bus would be at the corner in one hour. She needed to eat, get dressed and clean up. My son was losing it because he wanted raisins and wouldn’t get them out of the pantry. Our dog, Buddy, needed out and more water.

Before I could reach for my venti-size coffee, a rare but very audible snarl escaped. What was that? It sounded like a low rumble from a lioness or panther. I looked around. Who did it? Our dog, Buddy, was waiting for someone — anyone — to fill his water dish. While impatient, he hadn’t reached hysterical begging, yet. So, I concluded it must me.

How could this happen? It is a sunny, beautiful Friday. After a quick, self-psycho, analysis, I had my answer…simultaneous, impatient demand for my undivided attention. It is number one on my Top 10 Snarl List. My 10 include people, behaviors, and music that are most likely to elicit a snarl or two from me.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to exchange snarl lists with those we love and with strangers? That way the intensity and number of snarls could be reduced and serve as a catalyst for world peace.

BTW, be sure to see the link below on how to snarl properly.

Three Tips for Successful Snarling.

My Top 10 Snarl List

These 10 include people, behaviors, and music that are most likely to elicit a snarl or two from me. I’m sure you have a Top 10. I would love to read yours.

1. Simultaneous, impatient demand for my undivided attention. I say, take a number and wait. Your request for attention will be considered in the order it was received. Now, suck it up and get in line.

2.When my children or husband ignore, forget, debate or protest valid, simple, reasonable instructions. I am all for questioning authority as long as it is not mine.

3. Rude, oblivious, distracted people. They are on our roads and all public places. There are so many. Why?

4. Zhu Zhu Pet hamster speak. Why did Santa Claus bring our family six of these; and then tell our neighbors another two of three would be just swell? Here is my theory. He was baked.

5. Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever. This song makes me feel like sticking a fork my eyeballs. And, I do not think about harming myself in any way, ever.

6. Consumer and media addiction to the stupid and irrelevant. Machetes, tiger blood, and crack do not make a sick man funny.

7. When I extend an invitation and do not ever receive a response. Since, I have violated this one and do not have an excuse except severe neglect of etiquette, I try to cut slack. But, multiple time offenders are off my A-list.

8. American Chopper: Senior vs Junior. My husband and I were avid fans of the original series because it told a good story about how hard work, creativity, and savvy marketing could grow a small business to tremendous success. But, then… all the constant infighting became old and nerve-racking.

9. Ask for my opinion, and then completely ignore — don’t even listen to or consider — what I have to say. If you’re not really interested in my opinion, don’t ask! Don’t pretend you care about what I think?

10. Overly competitive people. Healthy competition at work, school and play is okay. However, it bothers me when people make it their life-mission to out-do or even keep pace with having the same material possessions, luxuries, vacations, cars, chaotic after-school schedules, etc. as their neighbors, family and friends.