Saturday at 8: Lions Roaring in the Superdome

Are you ready? I am. For decades loyal Detroit Lions fans like myself have been denied even a glimmer of post-season action. But, tonight, our beloved Lions have a chance.

Watch out you naysayers. That match against Green Bay was truly a win in our column. The officials calling that game on New Years’ Day must have had fogged vision from slinging back too many spicy rum egg nogs. If we a disciplined, penalty-free, A-game I say a trip to Indy is possible.

Raise your glass to the underdogs! Go Lions!

The Love Continues

My love for football and the Detroit Lions burns deep in my soul. Five weeks, five wins, and no losses. The tradition of having to select an alternate team to carry me to the Superbowl is on indefinite pause.

I am hopeful. My fingers are crossed that this is the Lions’ year to make that turn so many are longing to witness. Going further, perhaps the Lions’ continued success will inspire the city of Detroit to make its turn toward better days.

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