Tumultuous and Beautiful …

The scenes playing inside my home last night and this morning resemble those tumultuous out-takes from ABC’s Supernanny. Don’t worry. Jo Frost hasn’t moved in just yet.

But, with this being Mother’s Day, the behavior coming from both Issa and Riff is apalling. I suppose this is just a part the job description: warrior-like mentality required. Expect to sweat, cry and bleed. This will be one of the fiercest battlefronts ever in your history. But, don’t fear. There are glimmers of glorious moments from time-to-time.

Line of Light. Photo Credit: Lea at Sea

Amidst weekend chaos I spied something beautiful. A blogger friend, Lea, from Lea at Sea, honored me with the Beautiful Blogger Award. I consider her blog writing and photography to be among the most beautiful I spend time with.

Upon accepting the Beautiful Blogger Award, there are three rules: Share 7 things about myself, nominate 7 bloggers, inform nominees about their award.

7 Things About Me

1. Last weekend, I learned how to make incredible strawberry margaritas in my quest of honor Cinco de Mayo. The recipe I used as from Jessica Whitney at cooks.com. I don’t know Jessica. But, she knows margaritas.

2. The three 5ks I am running in this summer include: Team Mathes 5k/1 Mile Fun Walk (raising awareness and support for brain tumor research for the American Brain Tumor Association — ABTA), Kids on the Go/2012 Heart of Detroit Run (fund raise for non-profit pediatric program that provides PT, OT and Speech therapies to metro-area children with special needs during the summer months) and The Color Run in Ann Arbor.

3. Shoe therapy is one of nine ways I use to diffuse stress. DSW and Lucky Magazine are two supporters of this very vital, sanity-saving therapy.

4. If I could be anywhere in the world other than here at this moment in time, I would be in Lake Tahoe, Calif. sitting outside the cabin I shared with my hubby on our honeymoon.

5. My cousin Scott is the owner of soulful electronica label Ferrispark Records. He has appeared in many of the top industry recognized magazines; and has Deejayed and produced around the globe. Check out his music.

6. I live for good times with those I love (family and friends).

7. I am dreading the upcoming November 2012 U.S. elections. Gotta have them. But, each election-year the farce becomes even more of an embarrassment.

7 + 3 Beautiful Blogger Nominees

Well, what can I say? Working with numbers is not at the top of my list of talents. The following are blogs I feel truly embody beauty. The consistent combination of images and words to bring readers a worthwhile experience with each visit needs to be recognized.

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In Honor of All Mothers

Summer 2011 – Looks peaceful doesn’t it? What you can’t hear is the whining.                                                         Photo credit: kateschannel

I a mom. The job description is immense and forever changing. Rewards are plenty, but often come from sweat, tears and blood of being a warrior on one of the fiercest battlefronts ever in my history.

There is a part of me that wants to stay in all these glorious moments forever. But, it goes without saying. My children grow, mature and change. Once I figure out how to maneuver around one  set of challenges; another rears its daunting head. Nothing in life is constant. It continues whether I want to trek on or stay stuck in the mud.

The days of successful homework sessions, play dates, sports activities and dance classes make all those chaotic scenes seem like someone else’s challenges. Those are times I take steps with confidence and ease.

Then there are plenty of those moments — sometimes occurring with alarming frequency each day — when appropriate solutions are not at the ready. Sometimes these situations take some time and thought to work through.

A more distant view from fellow parents, teachers and therapists can bring objectivity to the picture. Ideas from other sources sometimes offer what I need to bring back peace and harmony to my home.

Second-guessing is not uncommon. But, whether I stay at home, work outside the home, own a business, travel, or advocate for others no one else walks in my shoes but me. I trust in myself to know what is best for me, my family and my situation.

That’s not to say views from beloved family and friends do not have merit or value. What they suggest is intended only to help. I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have such a caring circle of support at every turn.

The following are blogs I read written by moms who enable me to see how much in common we all have with each other.

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Happy Mothers Day to all out there who call themselves, mom.