My Thursday Morning Post and a Question Regarding Ageism

The Thursday morning post I promised with an updated blogroll is still in draft form. I’m not usually an advocate of excuses. But, I feel you deserve a reason for why it’s late.

So, here’s my excuse. Yesterday, I started making a list of all the amazing blogs I read; and the list is pretty long. To ensure I list every blog I follow and love, I am giving myself a pass on missing this deadline. Neither qauality nor quantity can be sacrificed here. You will see an updated blogroll along with a Thursday post before midnight Detroit time.

Also, here’s a funny to take the edge off your morning, afternoon, evening or night. After dropping off cookies for staff appreciation week at Issa’s school, I was sprinting back to my car. My thoughts were on making it to the post office and then home to walk my dog, Buddy. Another parent/grandparent comes driving into the parking. The man does a double-take upon seeing me, gets out of his car and asks me if I am a student. My daughter Issa is in second grade. Her school includes grades K-6.

Here’s my question. Would you take this question as a complement? At first, I was a bit miffed. But, then the positive side of my brain started to think that question through. I am short; I barely reach 5′ 2″. Then, the more I thought; the more I smiled. Not that I have any fear of ageism. I appreciate the wisdom gained as I knock another year. But, I didn’t feel it was such a bad thing to still be seen as youthful.

Here’s the kicker to this funny. My son, Riff, asks everyone, multiple times each day how old they are. I have been answering 25 each time he asks me. All he can do is giggle his infectious giggle and say, “No, mom. You’re 40.”

Here are some articles I found that relate well with this post. One new blog I’ve been following, which you can expect to see on my updated blogroll is 400 Days ‘Til 40. She definitely has a great outlook on life and about ageism.