Doggy Love: A Heart-Stopping Morning Without Buddy

kateschannel -- Heart-stopping cuteness

What is it about pets? My dog Buddy stole my heart 13 years ago when my husband and I bought him. He was so little, warm and fluffy. Today, he is still an irreplaceable family member who provides plenty of entertainment and heart-stopping moments . . .

 6:30 am: Riff ousts me from a cozy slumber. One of his eyes was almost completely sealed shut with oozy gunk from a worsening eye infection. He is not cooperating with my assertive, but gentle attempts to remove it.

7:00 am: I let Buddy, my 13-year-old Pekingese out to take a leak. Normally, he does not leave our yard. So, I was lax and did not put his leash on. Bad decision.

Issa wakes and was pumped. The ear infection she started with on Sunday cleared up. She had a date with her grandparents. In a couple hours they would pick her up from my home and take her to the Detroit Science Center.

My kitchen was a busy place this morning. Issa and Riff both needed breakfast. But, my husband was in the blocking access to the coffee pot and moving way too slow. But, instead of releasing my inner witch and checking him into the cupboards, I gave him a glare and a barely-audible snarl. He picked up the pace and scrambled out the door.

 7:30 am: Kids have happy tummies from breakfast and are watching Mickey Mouse. I am still waiting for Buddy to come back from his pee session. I was not yet alarmed. But, I stepped outside and looked around for him. Where was he? He was not in the yard and was nowhere to be seen. Why didn’t I just put him on the leash?

8:00 am: Issa was ready for her date. Riff seemed content despite his infected eye. But, there is still no sign of Buddy. I am p*ssed. Why this morning? Couldn’t Buddy see Riff had an eye infection? Wasn’t he paying attention last night when Issa and I talked about the plan of being dressed and out the door by 9 am? Why does he pull this sh*t?

8:30 am: Still no Buddy. It looked like rain any minute. I felt anxious and sad. But, I kept a calm exterior for the sake of my children. I called neighbors. There was hope for a positive outcome. They started looking for Buddy.

9:00 am: Issa’s grandparents picked her up. I strapped Riff in the car and put his favorite song on repeat. We drove up and down streets looking for Buddy. We weren’t having any luck. But, then, we saw him. Buddy was with a friend’s daughter walking on the sidewalk. When he spotted me, a sheepish look appeared on his mug. If I could read his doggy brain, I am 99.5% sure he was debating flight – to escape the impending timeout I would issue for his misbehavior – or surrender to the safety of my car, which would then take him to safety in his dry comfortable home. He surrendered.

9:30 am: I didn’t have it in me to stay mad with Buddy. A thorough check of his physical condition revealed no injuries. He was just panting from being frightened and from thirst. After letting him get some healthy drinks from his water bowl, I towel dried and petted him. He was safe and unharmed. Just like my husband and children, my love for Buddy is unconditional. He can still count on me to care for and love him even if he runs away a gazillion more times, yaks all over my just-cleaned carpet, or knocks me out with his noxious doggy breath during thunderstorms.


Life on Friday: A Snarl Unleashed

It happened in my kitchen at 7:00 am, today. My daughter’s school bus would be at the corner in one hour. She needed to eat, get dressed and clean up. My son was losing it because he wanted raisins and wouldn’t get them out of the pantry. Our dog, Buddy, needed out and more water.

Before I could reach for my venti-size coffee, a rare but very audible snarl escaped. What was that? It sounded like a low rumble from a lioness or panther. I looked around. Who did it? Our dog, Buddy, was waiting for someone — anyone — to fill his water dish. While impatient, he hadn’t reached hysterical begging, yet. So, I concluded it must me.

How could this happen? It is a sunny, beautiful Friday. After a quick, self-psycho, analysis, I had my answer…simultaneous, impatient demand for my undivided attention. It is number one on my Top 10 Snarl List. My 10 include people, behaviors, and music that are most likely to elicit a snarl or two from me.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to exchange snarl lists with those we love and with strangers? That way the intensity and number of snarls could be reduced and serve as a catalyst for world peace.

BTW, be sure to see the link below on how to snarl properly.

Three Tips for Successful Snarling.

The Original Saturday Real-Life Escape

It began Saturday morning. I started the engine, set my music to the Black-Eyed Peas, and sped out of the driveway. Squealing my tires, I left my husband, children and dog for my sister and Hob Nob Pinot Noir. I escaped to the land of The Original Cottage Inn, Stucchi’s, the University of Michigan and flirty boutiques.

At The Original, my sister and I savored a child-free meal and traded strategies on how to avert meltdowns. Somehow food and drink tastes so much better without food strikes, projectile air launches, or requests for drink refills. Plus, nothing beats The Original. Just think about it. Does Ataris’ cover of Don Henley’s Boys of Summer measure up? Say what you want. It just doesn’t do it for me. The same goes for food. Mastery of artful, tasteful duplication is tough and not without peril.

Our escape route also included a trek through the campus at U-M, hunting for stylish spring accessories, and indulging at Stucchi’s. That scoop of cinnamon crumb cake was absolutely delicious; and worth every calorie and fat gram.

The original Saturday real-life escape was extra special with a visit to my sister’s home. There, I cuddled my nephew who is a bundle of six-month cuteness and discussed how challenging it was to catch leprechauns with my niece, Annalise. She even showed me the box she made for trapping them. Life is beautiful.