Bonus Post: Lyric Status Friday — Beautiful Day

The heart is a bloom 
Shoots up through the stony ground 
There’s no room 
No space to rent in this town 

You’re out of luck 
And the reason that you had to care 
The traffic is stuck 
And you’re not moving anywhere 

You thought you’d found a friend 
To take you out of this place 
Someone you could lend a hand 
In return for grace 

It’s a beautiful day 
Sky falls, you feel like 
It’s a beautiful day 
Don’t let it get away

— Written by Bono and The Edge, music composed by U2.

I don’t know about you. But, U2 has been a favorite of mine since the ’80s. Each of U2’s songs showcases the band’s ability and consistent success with blending lyrics and music to deliver a powerful and lasting listening experience. The MP3 I use on my 5k training runs is loaded with tracks from U2’s Elevation and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb albums.

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