Six Sentence Monday: Entry #15

I am fortunate. Supportive, loving family and friends. A glass or two of Franco Serra Barbera D’Alba to chase the chill of a wintry Monday night. What could be better? A “W” for my team — the Detroit Lions — in their contest against the Baltimore Ravens. Oh, and the lucky Mega Million ticket.

Check out this post from another who likes to drink wine, but doesn’t like to pay a lot for it.

Franco Serra Barbera D’Alba


People Helping People: Entirely Women

A long-time friend, Karen Palka, recently invited me write a blog post for a collaborative effort — Entirely Women — she developed with 102.3 FM WGRT, Port Huron’s family radio station. Entirely Women, which went live in November, is an online community — for women — that entertains, inspires and informs. Karen is also Founder and Executive Director of A Beautiful Me®, a 501c3 charitable organization that fosters girls’ self-esteem in  3rd-12th grade through uniquely developed, interactive workshops. She and I became friends at a luncheon the Greater Romeo-Washington Chamber of Commerce hosted in 2004. Her creative talents as well as her advocacy for building girls’ self-esteem, for her community and for her friends inspires all.

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The Most Disturbing Post Yet…

This is the second piece I have read about how the Common Core standards are not helping students.

The Indignant Teacher

Hello, America!! As I sit here enjoying the 86 degree daily sunshine & palm trees in Dubai, UAE, I am thinking of my friends and family in Boston, where I understand winter is upon them. As much as I continue to be homesick, I do not miss the impending winter weather, and have decided to focus on the good in my life instead of whining!

I have – just this week – settled into the position for which I was hired here in Dubai…the SEN Coordinator. I must admit I am glad to be out of the first grade classroom in which I was covering since arriving here on October 8th (which happened to also be my big 4-0). I will post later about the task I am currently facing in that capacity, but for now I wanted to share with readers a recent – and utterly disturbing – post…

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Six Sentence Monday: Entry #14

Four days until holiday season 2013 commences. But, most have already succumbed to the frenzy. Even my children are begging for a Christmas motif. Honestly, Thanksgiving is by far my favorite. The traditions it encourages are simple. Be thankful, spend time with family — close and extended — eat, drink, and watch the Detroit Lions play football.

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Six Sentence Monday: Entry #13

Two life-long friends from my days at Western Michigan University spent Sunday afternoon with me. One I have not seen for years despite my sister being married to her cousin. The distance of our homes and personal routines ceased to exist. Conversation flowed; as did the wine . It was as if no time had passed between previous meetings. That’s how it is with such amazing, loving, wonderful good friends.

Drink It and Pretend It’s Still Summer

Here's to staying on summer vacation all life long.

Here’s to staying on summer vacation all life long.

It was hump day night. The kids were all tucked snug in their beds. I cleaned up the stray toys, prepped for school morning chaos, programmed the coffee maker, and let the dog out for relief. Before watching my fave shows — Once Upon a Time and Revenge — on the DVR, I searched the kitchen for a beverage to take off the edge. You know; daily stress?

Yeah. I know. Thirty minutes of Jillian Michael’s cardio kickboxing would have been a better trick. But, I just wasn’t in the mood. I opened the fridge and searched the crowded shelves; making mental notes of what to purge (the next time I visited).

Then, I saw the beverage of choice: a stray Bell’s Oberon. It looked so lonely; sitting there; way in the back; on the beverage shelf. I couldn’t help myself. Flashbacks of lazy, sunny, summer afternoons on the patio replayed in my head. Reaching for the ice-cold brew, visions of water gun fights, sprinkler fests, and freeze tag danced in my head.

What to do? Drink it and pretend it’s still summer.