Six Sentence Thursday Special

Crimson, gold and orange blur against clear blue skies. I ride the Macomb-Clinton trail; reveling in fall glory as I speed along. Cool breezes chase the warm sunshine. It’s my favorite time of year. Nothing compares. Too bad it is so brief.

Six Sentence Monday: Entry #6

I craved the quiet surrounding me. Peacefulness is what I sought. My brain missed the memo. The silence encourages me to ponder. Life thoughts —  husband at work, kids at school, and my action item list — make me restless. The morning caffeine is working its magic.

Six Sentence Monday: Missing Entry #5

I searched the world over for missing Entry #5. It was here — at the tips of my fingers — Monday, September 16. But, then it slipped through my grasp. As I went through the week, I looked. But, prepping kids for school, household responsibilities, social time with girlfriends, and after-school commitments compromised my focus. Today — Monday, September 23 — will be different.

Six Sentence Monday: Entry 4

See what happens? The first Monday of the 2013-2014 school year is history; just like the weekend. It’s a blur in my memory. As my children and I age, time ticks off the clock faster and faster. I’d like to keep the weekend fun — and weekday insanity — for a bit longer, please. But, that’s not how it works.

Six Sentence Monday: Entry 3

Preparedness is important. While others stockpile school supplies and snacks, Riff  focuses on being ready for the “what if” in life. For the previous week, he has practiced fire and lockdown drills. School staff can be assured. My family and I reviewed drill expectations as well as our own emergency plans. Riff knows what to do.

2. My Mother’s Birthday – Excerpt from “Uphill Both Ways”

Funny story.

J T Weaver

freshly-pressed-rectangleMy parents were often told that I was a precocious child, not that they needed to be told.  I didn’t always know why it was important to do something, but somehow I knew that some things had to be done.  I was unusually eager to please but of course, I had no idea about consequences.

This story concerns my mother’s 35th birthday as told to me by various family members over the years.  A few years earlier my father had gotten a new job at a company on Cape Cod and not too long after that they had picked out a nice house in a small town.  There was a bit of land with the house and my mother, originally from Newark, Ohio, loved to work in her flower gardens around the house.  There were always flower and gardening catalogues around the house and now they could afford to put…

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Six Sentence Monday: Entry 2

Where did it go? My children began their summer break from school 11 weeks ago. Days were filled with family, friends, sunshine and accomplishment. Highlights include time spent at Lake Michigan, local parks, the zoo and a gracious friend’s pool. Now, 8 days remain until the 2013-2014 school year begins. That checklist of school-prep action items is now taking center stage.

What happens if …

Riff — my six-year-old, son, inspired me to introduce a new series of Sunday posts. He is always asking me, “What happens if …” Sometimes his questions are humorous; sometimes redundant. Issa — my 10-year-old, daughter, prompted today’s question.

What happens if …

our year consisted only of the summer months of June, July and August?

School Days: Eight Days

last-days-of-summer-801.jpgEight days until summer living fades to buzzing alarms, races to the bus stop, homework and stricter bedtime laws. Issa, Riff and I are nearly ready for September 3; the school start-date in Michigan. Riff shopped for his school supplies with me at Target last week. At the start of this errand, Riff wasn’t all that excited. But, at the checkout he animatedly announced, “I am all ready for school!”

Six Sentence Monday: Entry 1

I have tried to settle myself into my writer’s chair for blogging time. Busy fun with Issa and Riff challenge me with being consistent and punctual. So, I set a goal: six sentences each Monday morning. Hopefully, they combine to say something relevant, useful and fun. This idea came from a blog called Six Sentences where each contributor tells a story in six sentences. Besides, six sentences is all I can manage before 8 am on a Monday.