Drink It and Pretend It’s Still Summer

Here's to staying on summer vacation all life long.

Here’s to staying on summer vacation all life long.

It was hump day night. The kids were all tucked snug in their beds. I cleaned up the stray toys, prepped for school morning chaos, programmed the coffee maker, and let the dog out for relief. Before watching my fave shows — Once Upon a Time and Revenge — on the DVR, I searched the kitchen for a beverage to take off the edge. You know; daily stress?

Yeah. I know. Thirty minutes of Jillian Michael’s cardio kickboxing would have been a better trick. But, I just wasn’t in the mood. I opened the fridge and searched the crowded shelves; making mental notes of what to purge (the next time I visited).

Then, I saw the beverage of choice: a stray Bell’s Oberon. It looked so lonely; sitting there; way in the back; on the beverage shelf. I couldn’t help myself. Flashbacks of lazy, sunny, summer afternoons on the patio replayed in my head. Reaching for the ice-cold brew, visions of water gun fights, sprinkler fests, and freeze tag danced in my head.

What to do? Drink it and pretend it’s still summer.