My Listening Months

Happy 2013! I hope you enjoyed the holiday season and end-of-year celebrations. My crew is back to the structures of normalcy; or our family’s definition of normal. That normalcy is back to work, school, home work, and waiting for spring.

Another normalcy calling for some attention is blogging. While my brain and fingers collaborated to author a few posts here-and-there, I have strayed from blogging. During my free hours I have opted to read fictional stories from others rather writing. I call this hiatus from writing, my listening months. These months away compare to pauses I take while in the midst of live conversations with family or friends. Instead of talking, I seal my lips and listen.

The pause from writing enabled me to be a better study of writing and storytelling styles. I now have a better foundation for selecting authors and genres to spend free hours with. Further, I believe the authors who encourage me to miss sleep to read their stories also help me in the development of my own writing style.



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2 thoughts on “My Listening Months”

  1. I’m with you. I’m going to spend more of my time reading to gain a better understanding of writing styles. I’d love to crank out that novel but really don’t have the first clue. I’m pretty burned out on the blogging thing. Good luck and do share your favorite reads. Happy New Year!


    1. Teri – I know I would enjoy reading anything you write. I love your humor. This year I have read so many good ones including the Hunger Games and Fifty Shades trilogies. Currently, I am reading Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. Some other titles I enjoyed include Mariana (Suzanna Kearsley), The House of Tyneford (Natasha Solomons), Beautiful Lies (Lisa Unger), The Hangman’s Daughter (Oliver Potzsch), The Language of Flowers (Vanessa Diffenbaum), The Flight of Gemma Hardy (Margot Livesey), The Book of Blood and Shadow (Robin Wasserman), Mr. Darcy Goes Overboard: A Tale of Tide & Prejudice (Belinda Roberts). I definitely like plenty of romance, suspense and strong lead characters.


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