This share focuses on major revelations about the quality of education in Utica Community School district. Both of my children attend elementary school in this district. For the most part, we have been mostly pleased with the teachers, curriculum and opportunities for enrichment. However, this post brings to light some disappointing news about the district’s priorities and how they could undermine academic futures for all UCS students. I’m sure parents in other districts throughout the country are experiencing the same challenges in determining whether public school boards and administrators are advocating in the best interest of students.

My apologies for not writing any original posts for so long. The upcoming holidays have inspired me to write for my children, which means less time for blogging. Take care!

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The Edu$hyster ring in Michigan

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Utica Community Schools, as the second largest district in Michigan, has always been a leader in education.  Students have always had a high rate of success.  In comparison to districts across the nation, Utica has always been financially healthy.  Utica has been a wealth of potential for multiple facets of education, art and culture and many of those programs have been decimated to cater to the special interest of profiteers and politicians.

Carol Klenow, who is the School Board President of Utica Community Schools, hired Christine Johns, a graduate of the unaccredited Broad School Academy, to serve as the Superintendent of Utica Community Schools. Klenow was also appointed by the Governor to be on the State Officers Compensation Commission which determines the compensation, benefits and expense accounts of the Governor’s Officers including all state officers and legislators. These officials and representatives are some of

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  1. Hi Kate,

    Wow, this is really a 180 from how I see things. How a successful educational program being available to parents who choose it is going to “destroy” Utica schools is beyond me. Also, it seems like a big focus is that someone might actually make some money educating kids. Isn’t that what public teachers, administrators, etc. do? And why is it that no one outside of a teachers union is qualified to teach? Even those from private schools who have much better track records in teaching than many of those earning big bucks in our public schools?

    Have you checked out pending education legislation? Along with the failure of the union power grab in the last election and pending right to work legislation, I suspect this is what is driving this type of media coverage and content. I’ve attached a summary from Michigan House Bill 6004/Senate that comes from the State website. There have been multiple misrepresentations of this in the press and letters to editors by many SE Mich Superintendents in the last week so I found the actual government document helpful. It also shed light on how intentionally inaccurate many of these letters and statement are. One of the repeated erroneous statements is that the EAA would be run by someone appointed rather than elected. The second paragraph of this document states they will report to the State Board of Education (which we elected less than a month ago).

    The legislation is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. Someone is actually being empowered to fix schools in the bottom 5% of Michigan. I do find it ironic that this is all possible due to Barack Obama given how you and I voted:)



    1. Tina – Thanks for reading and for commenting. People reviewing the legislation come from varying viewpoints. I felt compelled to share the original blog post (not authored by me) because it discussed possible “conflicts of interest” among our district board and administration. There are points in the post I am going to investigate further do to conflicting information I have read elsewhere.


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