15 Days ‘Til The End

I can’t help it. The countdown is on. It is bittersweet. At the conclusion of each school year I go through this same process. The excitement in my chest builds. I become caught up in the whirlwind of end-of-school activities. Plus, I eagerly anticipate having extra time with my two angels. There will be more time to go the zoo, local farms, beach, nature centers, parks, etc., etc.

Then, reality hits. There are only 15 more days left ’til those 2.5 hours of precious “me” time disappears. My children do not sleep in. They take after their dad; and wake when the sunshine does. My saving vices are an ample supply of caffeine, exercise, and the countdown ’til the start of school in September.



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5 thoughts on “15 Days ‘Til The End”

    1. Maria – You are right. During the summer months I find those 2.5 precious hours after dark on the back patio under the twinkling stars. It is tougher to keep up with household chores, though, because I’d rather be playing/having fun.


  1. I wish you lived nearby ..the kids would love exploring the pond and woods…and I hope to raise some monarch butterflies from eggs I have collected…Michelle


    1. Michelle – I do believe our families would enjoy each other very much. My daughter will be attending critter and bug camp at our local nature center the first week after school is out. Also, your comment reminds me that I need to order caterpillars for our butterfly habitat.


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