Tumultuous and Beautiful …

The scenes playing inside my home last night and this morning resemble those tumultuous out-takes from ABC’s Supernanny. Don’t worry. Jo Frost hasn’t moved in just yet.

But, with this being Mother’s Day, the behavior coming from both Issa and Riff is apalling. I suppose this is just a part the job description: warrior-like mentality required. Expect to sweat, cry and bleed. This will be one of the fiercest battlefronts ever in your history. But, don’t fear. There are glimmers of glorious moments from time-to-time.

Line of Light. Photo Credit: Lea at Sea

Amidst weekend chaos I spied something beautiful. A blogger friend, Lea, from Lea at Sea, honored me with the Beautiful Blogger Award. I consider her blog writing and photography to be among the most beautiful I spend time with.

Upon accepting the Beautiful Blogger Award, there are three rules: Share 7 things about myself, nominate 7 bloggers, inform nominees about their award.

7 Things About Me

1. Last weekend, I learned how to make incredible strawberry margaritas in my quest of honor Cinco de Mayo. The recipe I used as from Jessica Whitney at cooks.com. I don’t know Jessica. But, she knows margaritas.

2. The three 5ks I am running in this summer include: Team Mathes 5k/1 Mile Fun Walk (raising awareness and support for brain tumor research for the American Brain Tumor Association — ABTA), Kids on the Go/2012 Heart of Detroit Run (fund raise for non-profit pediatric program that provides PT, OT and Speech therapies to metro-area children with special needs during the summer months) and The Color Run in Ann Arbor.

3. Shoe therapy is one of nine ways I use to diffuse stress. DSW and Lucky Magazine are two supporters of this very vital, sanity-saving therapy.

4. If I could be anywhere in the world other than here at this moment in time, I would be in Lake Tahoe, Calif. sitting outside the cabin I shared with my hubby on our honeymoon.

5. My cousin Scott is the owner of soulful electronica label Ferrispark Records. He has appeared in many of the top industry recognized magazines; and has Deejayed and produced around the globe. Check out his music.

6. I live for good times with those I love (family and friends).

7. I am dreading the upcoming November 2012 U.S. elections. Gotta have them. But, each election-year the farce becomes even more of an embarrassment.

7 + 3 Beautiful Blogger Nominees

Well, what can I say? Working with numbers is not at the top of my list of talents. The following are blogs I feel truly embody beauty. The consistent combination of images and words to bring readers a worthwhile experience with each visit needs to be recognized.

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14 thoughts on “Tumultuous and Beautiful …”

  1. Kate, you’re right about motherhood. So, Happy Mother’s Day – this day belongs to you! In the Middle Ages, the Church instituted (or attempted to) the Truce of God – no warring on Sundays.
    Thank you for your appreciation shown in a real way! And, I think it’s great that in the seven things about yourself you linked to many other people. This shows something important about you.
    I’ll see what’s possible to do show appreciation for this great award,


    1. Maria – Thanks for your kind words. Interesting to note the no warring on Sundays. Too bad this ideology does not still apply in areas in our world where war is so constant. You are a gifted author and I am glad to have connected with you.


      1. Thank you, Kate!
        I read your comment about training for your upcoming race and find your involvement and commitment amazing. Best wishes and blessings – keep blogging!


      2. Kate, sorry that I neglected your response to my comment about warring and the Truce of God. Yes, there are MANY areas where war is a daily part of life in this world today. It’s overwhelming to consider, isn’t it?. Incidentally, with human nature being what it is, the Truce was somewhat ineffectual according to a book I’m reading on the Crusades (Thomas F. Madden’s). The Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ, must put an end to our warring. Sorry if I’m being too serious, it’s just that…well, this is truth.


        1. Maria – No apologies needed. While I continue to hope for world peace, I do acknowledge — like you — that human nature will prevent this from happening. There is simply too much self-interest coupled with the inability for so many to feel secure living with varying beliefs and ideologies.


  2. Congratulations Kate, and good for you for running the 5k that’s something I have been putting off since I can remember. How are you preparing for it? Please do share. And thank you so much for the award, so kind of you.


    1. Veeh – Thanks for your interest in the 5ks I plan to run. My involvement in these races are as much for the social aspects as the fitness benefits. I do them to put a little fun into my fitness program; and to give myself a fitness goal to work toward. This winter/spring I have not trained as much as I would have liked due to a myriad of excuses (scheduling conflicts, illness, etc.). But, I outfitted myself with a pair of proper running shoes, have been putting myself in a positive, can-do frame of mind, and have started doing some practice runs. So, hopefully, by June 16 (first race) I’ll post a decent time. My introduction to these races began last spring per a challenge from a girlfriend as well as myself. While running on my elliptical, I met a personal goal of running 5 miles in 30 minutes. I needed another, which my girlfriend pushed me to set — run a 5k at one of my local parks with her. I figured, why not? It was a great experience.


      1. It does sound like a great experience…you are really motivating me here my friend…like you are saying a good frame of mind is very important…there is a marathon happening here in June too…am not anywhere near prepared for it, the terrain is the game park at Lewa (where prince William proposed to Kate *wink, wink*) will go and give guys moral support though 😉


  3. Congratulations on a much deserved award! Your post was both well written and funny! It’s nice to know that I am not alone (or at least will admit!) in having to steel my nerves when it comes to the rearing my little ones! When mine are at their worst – and my two will bicker over a piece of string – I always imagine the Braveheart speech in my head, specifically, “You may take our lives, but you may not take our freedom!” and hope that someday, my husband and I will have a little more freedom of our own and a little less refereeing!


    1. My husband and I keep telling each other that all the chaos with our two just makes for good storytelling. Without the chaos there wouldn’t be anything to talk about. Your so on with the reference to Braveheart. That movie matches what I was envisioning while writing yesterday.


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