A Season of Beauty, Growth and Meaning

Simple things delight. An example would be drinking a steaming cup of coffee mixed with just the right amount of half-and-half and sugar. When combined with some quiet minutes to write a blog post or journal entry that simple joy is made even grander. Add the bonus of watching the brilliant sun dazzle against a clear, blue morning sky; and grander morphs into a forward-thinking mindset about what the rest of the day will bring. Possibilities are infinite; nothing is untouchable.

One week ago, I struggled to overcome my first sinus infection. Today, I am nearly recovered and am able to keep pace with my spirited family, which includes my daughter, Issa (9) and my son, Riff (5). Until this illness, I was able to perform daily tasks independently — without outside aid. The sinus infection taught me it’s okay to ask for — or even demand — help when it’s physically impossible. My body was telling me what it needed to function at its best. I listened. The result: acknowledgement that help is available. One just needs to ask for it; and one needs to be clear about what is needed.

Spring arrived early near the “D”. My daffodils bloomed nearly one month ago and treated me to a brilliant display of cheery yellow until last week. Along with the arrival of so many natural wonders this season, my daughter, Issa, is making her First Communion in three weeks. Since January, we have been studying and preparing for this significant milestone. This opportunity to watch and guide Issa in her spiritual development was a journey rich with reflection, self-exploration and discovery. I am proud of her willingness to learn more about God, Jesus and living as a disciple.

On Thursday I will have my blogroll updated to give you easier access to all the wonderful writers and thinkers I have the pleasure of reading. Their wisdom and willingness to share their perspective with myself and others is a true gift.

Have a great Tuesday wherever you are.


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10 thoughts on “A Season of Beauty, Growth and Meaning”

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and will soon be in the swing of things. Sometimes, such illnesses remind us to take a needed break from the grind.


    1. Shimonz – Thanks for visiting. Taking the time to mend definitely re-charged me. It also gave me the push needed to re-prioritize and to appreciate the good health I typically have. I truly feel for those who are chronically ill.


    1. Teri – Thanks for the well wishes. This experience truly taught me the meaning of being healthy. I feel for those who are chronically ill.


    1. Maria – Thanks for visiting and the well wishes. My experience gave me greater appreciation for the challenges the chronically ill encounter every day.


  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It meant that I could find yours.
    I came to the understanding that it was OK to ask for and accept help when I broke my ankle just before Christmas and hobbled around in my big red Santa boot for a couple of months. My minor inconvenience showed me how some of my friends who are ‘walking challenged’ cope each day. I recovered they won’t.


    1. Judith – sorry to hear about your ankle breakage during the Christmas holidays. While picking up my daughter at school yesterday, I overheard a fellow mom describing how her mother-in-law broke her ankle in three places while she and her family visited this lady in Florida last week. Love reading your blog. Will be back for more indeed.


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