Classic Wine Cooler Recipe from Whole Foods

This wine cooler recipe from Whole Foods might work well for your holiday celebrations this weekend or for Mother’s Day. 

1 bottle white wine

1 cup raspberries

1 liter sparkling water

Mix ingredients in your favorite glass carafe or pitcher, add plenty of ice and serve.


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3 thoughts on “Classic Wine Cooler Recipe from Whole Foods”

  1. Nice! The other day I had a blind date with long island ice tea (one of my post)…Unfortunately, I am in Asia now…very rare I get to drink wine…

    By the way, I see that you are from Michigan. My brother lives in Novi Michigan……


    1. Hi Jenny – Thanks for the follow. My sister-in-law makes good long islands. How interesting that you’re living in Asia. I’ll spend more time reading at your blog. I live in Shelby Twp., Michigan which is about 45 minutes — via expressway — from Novi. My sister lived there for a while after college.


      1. Your welcome Kate..I used to live in California for a long time..but decided to move back here..will try out Asia and will see what happens…I was in Michigan almost two years ago to visit my brothers family..I went there during summer so it was pretty humid and hot. My sister-in-law who lives in Novi will actually start a food blogg… Finally convince her to start one. Anyways, thanks for stopping by..will do the same……….Happy Easter…


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