KISS: Keep it Simply Sweet

It’s funny. I sat down to write this post at 8:30 am. At first, I thought it would be a breeze. It is Valentine’s Day after all; and it’s my day for posting about parenting, marital bliss, friendship and things that happen at home.

But, despite a couple venti-size cups of coffee, the words just wouldn’t  flow. My brain wasn’t formulating any thoughts. It was stuck. I couldn’t even squeeze out some lines that might work in a Hallmark or American Greetings card.

Then, I remembered an adage — KISS — Keep It Simple Stupid — often applied while plotting to make my employers’ new business wishes come true. However, in keeping with the romance theme associated with this holiday, I changed the acronyms.

For today KISS is Keep It Simply Sweet. So …

Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish you love. Not just for today. But, each day of the year. Cherish your spouse, partner, children, parents, sisters, brothers, extended family, friends, neighbors, pets and circles of social media friends.

Oh! And, don’t forget to treat yourself to something special. That’s what today is about. Simple indulgences make life beautiful.


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I am a mom, writer, advocate, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, in-law, outlaw, friend, neighbor, Michigander,sports fan, moviegoer, music lover, novice yogi, sometimes runner and suburbanite of Nashville. I love my husband, children, family, friends, neighbors, home state, adopted state, country, planet, wine, beer, cocktails, coffee and Italian-Irish heritage.

2 thoughts on “KISS: Keep it Simply Sweet”

  1. Hi Kate. Thanks for visiting my place yesterday! Like you, I find it difficult to say anything new about VD. So I’m grateful it is my son’s 1/2 birthday. Slightly different content. Phew! 😉

    Although, I confess, we do a complicated scavenger hunt that my son loves to do. I think I’ll blog about it for next year. How’s that for planning ahead? 😉


    1. Hi Renee – Your posts are wonderful and I’ll be back to read some more, soon. We do a scavenger hunt type deal when we celebrate Christmas. Instead of putting all of the packages under the tree and in stockings, Santa has instructions to hide them throughout the house.


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