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This week I found myself lingering at blogs with tips and advice for success. Some are specifically for writers while others seek a broader audience.

Ironically, I’ve been struggling this week to complete my writing in a timely fashion. This obstacle delayed completion of other action items; and now I’m looking at the calendar thinking, “Oh, sh*t! It’s already Thursday! WTF did I do this week?”

Perhaps these WTF encounters prompted my visits with others who experience the same; and who have successful coping strategies.

So, one of the tips I’m going to try is a writing/blog post schedule. To date, I just sit and write whenever my mood or time permits. Going forward, here’s the schedule I sketched in my idea book at lunch yesterday.

Instead of trying to post everyday, my goal is to publish 3x/week: Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and Sunday. My intention is to make myself more accountable to you — my readers.

Blog posts about parenting, family matters and other domestic issues will appear on Tuesday mornings. Thursday posts will be dedicated to writing, professional ambitions and other random adult conversations. Finally, Sunday posts will be about experiences I have when I’m not writing.

I am hopeful this change will keep me moving forward. Thanks for reading and have a spectacular day!

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9 thoughts on “Schedule It”

    1. @ Teri – Super Bowl time is such a blast. Glad you’re getting to be part of all the fun. I am so stoked for Sunday. Who are you pulling for? My vote is for the NYG. Too bad about Peyton.


  1. You are so right Kate. Sometimes life happens and we find our writing is pushed aside. I was dealing with the same problem. I had convinced myself to only write when am inspired. Then I noticed, sometimes am inspired at night when am about to sleep. So I would not write. Now, I took up a strategy that works. I ensure that am inspired everyday at 8 in the morning. No excuses. I don’t necessarily post everyday, but I do write everyday 😉
    All the best with your new schedule.


  2. I really like your idea about categorizing your post schedule. That should definitely help you stay on track and avoid the WTF factor! 😉

    Good luck!


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