Flurries of Flashbacks and Winter Fun

Flurries dance outside my windows. Like a child, I am eagerly watching them stick to the ground. I am hopeful inches will  accumulate for worthwhile playtime in the chilly air.

'70s winter memories at "The Rink".

Flashbacks from childhood in my parent’s backyard play in my head. I see longtime friends — still at ages 6-11 — sledding and skiing down our “bunny” hill. Snowballs zing through the air. School work and classes escape our thoughts for a couple hours of friendly, neighborhood snow wars. Then, there are the scenes from the  dormant veggie garden that served as an ice rink for several years. No one paid for ice time to perfect hat tricks, figure-eights or crack-the-whip skills.

For those of you who follow national weather news, the suburbs just north of the “D” have been without significant snowfall during much of this winter season. Christmas Day looked and felt more like Easter with bright sunshine and 40-plus temperatures. Then, two weeks ago I played 3-on-3 with some girlfriends and their children; outside on the driveway; with temps near 50. That’s unheard of in early January.

We have been loving this flirtation with spring-like weather. But, when I heard my neighbor rev his ride-on mower, I new something as amiss in the Mitten. I started to long for the crisp, cold air; and the snow. What if this was the winter without a snowman, sledding or taste-testing snowflakes?

Despite my fantasies about living it up in some tropical locale all winter long, I don’t think that scenario would ever last in reality. Don’t get me wrong. I get cabin-fever crazed like most of my neighbors; and plot escapes to the tropics. But, just the same, I have lived in the north since birth. I have adapted to finding outdoor fun in all four seasons.

There is fun to be had when the snow flies that just isn’t existent in the Bahamas or Hawaii. Also, my love for spicy rum isn’t limited to spiking smoothies, cola or juice. It’s a fantastic additive to warm-up drinks such as hot cider, chocolate and coffee.


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6 thoughts on “Flurries of Flashbacks and Winter Fun”

    1. At the beginning of this warming trend, I was all for it. Now, I’m wondering if “Old Man Winter” is playing a trick; and waiting to get us in March and April when we’re ready for flowers, sun and green.


  1. Is it a weird winter everywhere this year? Our town is supposed to be in the middle of our rainy season, but it hasn’t even started yet. I grew up in Indiana, so I remember childhood winters and I do miss the excitement of snow, but I don’t miss driving in it.


    1. Linda – Driving in the snow is one thing I could live without. I love playing in it with my children and also watching it from a window with a venti-size coffee or hot chocolate. We’re supposed to get 2-4 tomorrow sometime.


  2. I know what you mean. We lived in the southwest for a while and I really missed the change of season. It made you feel like you were on a parallel universe watching a football game played iin a snow storm when it was 70 and sunny. Humm, maybe that wasn’t so bad?


    1. @ Teri – I like having a break from driving in icy, slushing, snowy conditions. But, I know we will pay dearly in the summer from the below-normal water levels in the Great Lakes.


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