Thursday at 10:43: The Liebster Award

On Tuesday morning I shuffled into my home office with my venti coffee in hand. I stood at my desktop, scrolling through my list of unread e-mails. There, in the midst of the boring pitches to click-and-read I spied an e-mail from blogging friend and mentor, Linda Cassidy Lewis.

Upon opening the e-mail, I felt myself smile. She had awarded my blog the Liebster Award. Linda says Liebster is German for dearest, beloved or favorite.

Thank you so much Linda. I am truly honored to receive this award from her. She is a new author I discovered upon introducing my blog at WordPress. Her book, Brevity of Roses, as well as her blog, Out of My Mind, inspired me to take a stab at NaNoWriMo in November.

Like other blog awards, the Liebster Award rules say to pass it along to five favorite blogs. But, here’s the catch. They need to have less than 200 followers. Like Linda, most of the blogs I read don’t publicly track the number of followers they have. So, just like following her lead in living to write, I’m adapting her rules to better fit my situation.

I am going to pass the Liebster Award to two I have mentioned previously and to three I have not.  Two previous mentions that I have an addiction to are:

Tickling My Fancy because I can’t resist reading MB’s movie and book reviews, her fictional pieces, or her posts about transitioning from Southeastern Michigan to Sacramento. Besides, we’ve been friends since childhood; and long-time friends stick together.

The Laughing Mom because she always makes me giggle. Today, she challenged visitors to come up with a birthday rap. I’m still working on mine. That’s why she writes what she does so incredibly well. Check her out. BTW, someone should sign this lady to a writing deal; pronto!

Three blogs I love, but haven’t promoted, yet, are

Mama’s Empty Nest because her words are powerful and she inspires me. Also, she gave all of us moms a “pep” talk the other night about losing our minds, parenting and surviving those “not-about-me-decades.”

Anna C. Shade Jewelry and Metalwork because Anna is a tremendous creative force who is achieving much-deserved success making and selling her art. Plus, she’s my cousin and a member of my Big Beautiful Family.

The Big Sheep Blog because the posts are timely and humorous.


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8 thoughts on “Thursday at 10:43: The Liebster Award”

    1. MB – I’m glad it made you smile. Miss you, too. The Mitten has been a strange land this winter. No snow, sunshine and above normal temps.


  1. Aw, Kate! You’re making me blush with your kind words about my blog! But I love that you love Mama’s Empty Nest. “You like me, you really like me,” to quote Sally Field. 😉 Thank you for awarding the Liebster Blog Award – such a sweet meaning to its title. I’m so grateful for devoted readers like you, who not only read my words, but encourage me through comments as well. When I get a minute, I’ll be sure to check out the other blogs you recommended too. Thanks again, Kate!! Hope you’re staying warm on this cold, wintry day.


    1. Mama – I like you. I really do. Your posts are unique bring to mind values rarely written about in mainstream media. Good luck planning those three weddings. I would have my feathers in a flurry with just one. Winter finally did make its entry into The Mitten this morning. But, that’s not anything a steamy hot cup of coffee won’t cure.


  2. Wow! First, congratulations to you for receiving the Liebster Blog Award. I love reading your posts because you are very relaxed, positive and you don’t write manifestos! I also enjoy the variety of topics you address. Well deserved.

    Second, thank you for the award and the kind words. You hit the target because I have under 200 followers. It is very cool that this award recognizes the little guy or gal. I’m finding that the most interesting bloggers aren’t necessarily the mega stars. I’m also going to check out your recommendations. I need some more good blogs to follow – another reason to put off cleaning closets and looking for a job.


    1. Laughing Mom – You are very welcome. I truly believe you and your blog deserved the kudos. The bloggers I follow all have something unique to say. Some, like you are incredibly funny while others really make me think about the words they write or photos they share. It’s a remarkable creative community that inspires me each day. Plus, I agree about finding fun, but purposeful activities to put off boring household chores.


    1. @ Mama – Thank you for the kind words in your post today. I am truly blessed to have found such a loving network of writers and bloggers. Congrats on the award from Dianna.


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