2012 Forward Thinking

It’s been awhile. Where does the time go? Can you believe 2012 is well underway? Champagne corks and fireworks exploded days ago around the world. I wish there was a pause or slow motion button available for those extra special life moments. But, life doesn’t stop.

I hope you, your family and friends enjoyed each other as well as the festivities of the holiday season that is now history.

As I ready my children’s return to school, I am thinking about …

1. Helping my children succeed at school.

2. Recovering from a family pukefest that started yesterday at 4 pm.

3. Blogging and freelance writing.

4. Michigan State’s victory at the Outback Bowl. What a game.

5. Election 2012 and the GOP Iowa Caucuses. How could I not be thinking about this?

6. Lions vs. the Saints – Saturday, 8 pm at the Superdome. Call me a fool. I believe they have chance provided they bring their penalty-free, A-game to the Superdome.



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