Sunday Night Football: Lions Go Yellow

Despite the numbers reported from the bookies in Vegas; and despite the naysayers writing their pieces all over the Web, I held onto my belief in the underdogs. After all, I am lifelong Detroit Lions’ fan. And, I do believe this current team has it; the magic that will eventually turn them into a championship-level contender.

At 8:30 pm, when the Detroit Lions took the field at the Superdome to contest New Orleans’ Saints my adrenalin surged. But, excitement at Stafford’s prowess quickly turned to dismay. A number of his teammates continued to undermine his repeated successes with driving the Lions to touchdown territory.

From the first possession, yellow penalty flags flew. Personally, I like the blue and silver colors the team carries so well. Yellow is such a cowardly color. Watching the punches and stupidity play out was like suffering through replays of that match-up against Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day. But, this time, there was not any extended family or pumpkin pie to help put me at ease.

When will maturity and discipline come to Suh, Young, Logan,  Burleson, and Pettigrew? Do these players realize what they have cost the team and its fans? Only time will tell.

Thanks to losses elsewhere a wild card slot is still possible. If the Lions are lucky enough to clinch this honor, will the five named previously step up with professionalism and focus to the challenge of a playoff run? Or, will the loyalty of Lions’ fans continue to be smashed into the turf?

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