Volunteerism: You Are Needed, the Rewards Are Many

I admit to plagiarism. My post title, You Are Needed, the Rewards Are Many, is a rip-off from a quote given to me in an interview last week. The author of the said quote is a retired teacher and volunteer for Kids on the Go (KOTG), a non-profit I advocate for. While she was speaking about why one should become a volunteer for KOTG, the quote prompted me to think about the overwhelming number of non-profits, families, and individuals who really do need help from us to …

live, learn, eat, drink clean water, walk, talk, read, listen, work, play, hear music, dance, sing, create art, compete, sleep, grieve for loved ones, leave the house, shop, exercise, drive, vote, protest, shower, travel, make discoveries, preserve cultures, advance medicine, mediate conflicts, protect animals, save trees, conserve energy, etc.

Since the giving season began, yesterday at 10 pm EST, I figured the timing of this post couldn’t be better. It’s that time when we’re called upon to give of ourselves; make life better for others; especially those less fortunate. But, why reserve these thoughts for the weeks between now and December 25? Why not have these prompts for volunteerism every day?

Volunteerism comes in many forms. Some contribute dollars, others lend celebrity, and still more give time and talent. What one individual or group contributes doesn’t have to compete with the actions and/or dollars of another. All that matters is that you feel like you’re making a difference; a positive difference.

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