Love to My Big Beautiful Family

A few weekends ago, my Aunt Kate and I sat around a bonfire at her lake house. We discussed many subjects. One was our big beautiful family; and the importance of maintaining connections with one another. We agreed, no matter where we end up in life, the love we have for each other and each family member is a bond to treasure and nurture; because we are fortunate where many are not.

kateschannel — grandparents celebrating unity

So, I am proud to be a part of so many.  My immediate families are small, my extended ones are not. They mix a number of ancestries, but mostly Italian and Irish. My mom is one of nine. Most live in Michigan. Others live in Florida, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Then, there is my dad. His parents — my grandparents — immigrated from Pinerolo, Italy. So, many from his extended family still live there as well as Torino, Milan, London and California.

A big, beautiful family such as this is generous in its contributions to each other as well as to the world. Some are business owners, horticulturalists, engineers, innovators, sales people, creative forces, market researchers, therapists, ornithologists, public employees, artists, barbers, personal trainers, artists, musicians, and entertainers. Others parent, pray, write, create jewelry, advocate, design web sites, build custom motorcycles, repair cars, keep track of numbers, educate, play the piano, sing, comfort, give care to people, save animals, cook, protect green spaces, play baseball, hunt, fish, study, and make orange bourbon slushes to refresh family on hot July weekends.

kateschannel -- part of the big, beautiful family

There is faith, love, strength, talent, intelligence, beauty, athleticism, ambition, fun, generosity, strong work ethics, integrity, humor, kindness and attention to detail. We unite often to drink, eat, party, play, remember, give to others, support, overcome and prevail.


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