Well, here I am. The first day of school year 2011-2012 is done. It is history. Issa made it her bus stop, school and classroom on time. The morning was absent of the usual household drama about eating breakfast, getting dressed, finding shoes, or loading the backpack.

How do you feel as a new school year begins? I feel excitement, hope, motivation, apprehension and wistfulness. These emotions are similar to those I feel when a new calendar year begins. The only difference is those I am experiencing this morning are not induced by too much champagne.

Excitement. I woke without the aid of an alarm, downed two venti-size cups of coffee and showered all before 6:o0 am. This prompt, orderly, readiness for each school day will fade in about six weeks and will be replaced with missed alarms, cold coffee and sporadic showering.

Hope. Beginnings such as a new school or calendar year are all about opportunities and possibilities. All missteps, grievances, grudges, bad report cards, teacher notes and calls from school are all forgotten or put aside. Each student — including my own — are on equal footing today. Anything is possible. The same is true as new calendar years begin. I am a positive-thinker. I envision success. As the school and calendar year continues, my hope does not fade. It is constant and it is forever.

Motivation. When I enter a new situation — such as a new school year — my energy level kicks up a notch. Ambition propels me to volunteer in the classroom, host play dates, cook fabulous dinners, and sign up for after-school enrichment classes. As the freshness of each school year fades, I lapse into a more comfortable rhythm. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t succumb to laziness, serve Twinkies for dinner, slip up on deadlines or let others down. But, I think less about impressing others; and set goals that are more realistic for myself and my family.

Apprehension. The word “new” says it all. New school year, new teacher, new schedules, new friends, new lessons, etc., etc. There are feelings of unease because so much is unknown. I am unfamiliar with Issa’s teacher and schedule; and I am unsure of how Issa will respond to challenges and pressures this academic year.

Wistfulness. Time flies. As it does, my children and I continue to mature. We live, have invaluable experiences, and learn. While I would not hinder progress, I sometimes wish for power to push a slow-motion or freeze-frame button on select life scenes. Every moment experienced with my children is unique and unrepeatable. The first day of the 2011-2012 is done and over with. It is history.


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