In the Middle of Beautiful

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Quiet lake tucked away from the hurried pace of now. My Aunt Kate picked this respite and often shares her treasured spot with family and friends.

What a way to spend a couple vacation days. She invited Tracy, Issa, Riff and I to join her in the middle of beautiful. Her break from the world on a small private lake named Lake Taho. Take note. I did not misspell. There is no “e” and it’s not located in Nevada or California. No plane ticket required. It’s located a couple hours north of my home, near Clare, Mich. where harmonious breezes mix with peace.

Loons, lily pads, tall trees, birds and insects co-exist. We kayaked, fished, played and enjoyed each others’ company as well as a connection with nature in its purest sense. A full moon lit the lake on the first night of our visit. Lightening and thunder woke us all early the next morning. But, breaking storms yielded to some blue and we took a quiet boat ride. We took a closer look of some loons swimming on the lake.

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We have visited many other times when sunshine and warmer temps. made use of the lake more inviting. But, the weather is always secondary, really. The company — whether it be for an intimate re-connection with just my crew or raucous reunion parties with our big, extended family — my Aunt Kate’s place is always in the middle of beautiful morning, day or night; during rain or sun.


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