Some Thoughts About Our Country

Could you see our country coming together in the dawn’s early light? The divisions of ethnicity, religion, celebrity, gender, income, education, profession, parenting style, and politics fade. Not to diminish the value and pride in one’s heritage, convictions or achievements. But, we all have the same basic life goals. All are striving to accomplish for themselves and for loved ones an existence of opportunity, equality, freedom, fairness, health, happiness, respect, prosperity, security and hope.

Our founders fought many battles — on internal and external fronts — to give all of us the ability to rule ourselves, worship as we please, love who we choose, express ourselves without fear of retaliation, learn, and to protect our families and property. Rather than picking at differences, wouldn’t we accomplish more through unification? Today is about celebrating the unique talents, skills and intelligence we all offer to preserve our nation.

Happy Independence Day! Here’s to you, your family and friends.


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