My Year In School

Well, this is it. As my first grader boarded the bus for one last time this morning, my thoughts kept turning to the progress both my children have made in becoming more educated, productive, thoughtful, well-mannered members of society. This progress has been realized through a cohesive, committed, collaborative alliance between myself and a legion of educators, family members, friends, and advocates.

Each year, I consider myself to be a student along with my children. I am not in the classroom. But, I see these early child and elementary school years as a second chance to learn, explore and have fun. Additionally, I come away with homework help techniques, ideas for instilling good lifelong work habits, invaluable advice on a range of parenting issues, and plenty of blog material. This year I learned . . .

the basics – take breaks, stay calm, and listen;
practical things – how to get rid of lice and what not to say at the bus stop; and
important things – popcorn chicken rules and defiance test material; and
how to keep it real while excusing the tooth fairy for a delayed a visit or two.  


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6 thoughts on “My Year In School”

  1. New follower – love your blog! I love the idea of re-learning and re-discovering your youthfulness along with your kids.



  2. Great take-aways from 1st grade. I loved this year once we set all our routines. Dreading the lice-thing. I know the little critters will eventually invade. Getting ready for the first Tooth Fairy visit.


    1. Tooth Fairy visits are so special — especially the first one. The lice ordeal hit our school hard and just before Thanksgiving. All children were sent home early after 30 some cases were detected. My daughter had to undergo head checks each day for 2 weeks to make sure she was nit-free before entering class. She was a trooper.


  3. I never thought I could learn so much from preschool as I have this year. Can’t wait until kindergarten and 1st grade! Great blog.


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