Schools Out in 8.5 Days

As I write this post, I feel the warm summer breeze and I see blue skies and sunshine. Alice Cooper‘s song, Schools Out, is playing in my head. In 8.5 days school is out for Issa and Riff until September. I look at this timeline with a mix of happiness and terror.

The images of play dates, trips to the beach, backyard barbeques, swim lessons, firework shows, stargazing, and enriched learning opportunities give me plenty to smile about. I think back on my time during elementary school. Those long summer breaks were heaven. However, those images of long summer days and starlit evening skies, also give way to a reality of less time to accomplish household tasks, run errands, write, socialize with adults, and relax.

For some weeks, I thought about sending Issa to a summer day camp at her elementary school. After doing the math, the cost is equivalent to about $1/hour if she went every day for the six weeks the camp is open. This camp would have given her more structure, social opportunities and learning experiences. But, the thought of her spending so many hours away from me during her “vacation” made me feel sad. After all, “vacation” means a break from the normal, the structure and the routine. It’s a chance to re-charge and to refresh. It’s also a time for activities we don’t have adequate time to enjoy during the confines of the school year; and for more whimsical tendencies. I love having more flexibility with the when and the where.

The reality of less adult time, just means I am gaining skill at adapting. There will always be change; and it won’t always give me 8.5 days of notice.

In closing, I thought you might enjoy links to posts about traveling and summer time with children from other parenting blogs I read. These are all supportive resources that offer up plenty of smiles. All Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “Schools Out in 8.5 Days”

  1. Thank you for the mention. I’ll gladly share my faults, obsessions and phobias as a wife, daughter, sister and mother with anyone if it will make them feel more “normal”. Don’t worry. Take the time to enjoy your summer and your kids. All the important “stuff” will get done.


    1. Your blog is one of my faves. It’s important to enjoy parenthood and to see the humor in the daily chaos we experience. I am already on summer mode. It’s a wonder my children even make it to the bus stop anymore 😉


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