Parties and Beverage Preferences

kateschannel — did you have yours today?

Forget about parties and beverage preferences. The open exchange of ideas and decisive action are what the world needs right now. To be successful, the world needs to consider all kinds of philosophies. So, who cares about whether they are from the right, left, top or bottom?

Can you imagine how boring life would be if we all thought, felt and expressed ourselves in the same way? So, what if some ideas put forth are a bit freaky? Maybe they are. Maybe they are not. They could be some of the best ideas and they could bring about solutions that are desperately needed for the massive problems confronting our planet. However, the world will never know unless thoughts and ideas are shared, considered and tested.

kateschannel — delicious

BTW, my beverage preferences include Bell’sOberon, Italian Reds, spicy rum lemonade and Diary Queen cherry freezes. Where does this place me in the global political spectrum? Who knows and who cares? Maybe I should start my own party. Any ideas on what to name it?


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