365: Do What is Good For You

Walk it out. Talk it through. Take some time to do what is good for you. Too many hours slip away. Days and weeks get checked off the calendar. When will the schedule ever be clear? It won’t. So, what is the solution?

Tell your man it is break time. Give instructions for the children, the dog and house. Walk out the door. Find some therapy with same-gender, grown-up friends. Sanity is necessary when raising any number of children. Make it a plan to do whatever it takes to keep it in tact. I felt mine was about to crack. The time was now for getting me back. No more dreaming about days in the sun with the ladies. My vision needed to see reality. It feels fulfilling. Take time to be a good friend. The rewards are immense. Moms need to relate. We need to share funny stories, experiences, and suggestions with others who “get it”. Husbands are wonderful. Mine is an “A+” man. But, he isn’t a girlfriend. His hormones are incorrect and the plumbing is all wrong.


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