The Quest for Stanley

Well, tonight, the Detroit Red Wings face-off in the shark tank in round two of the NHL play-offs. Game time is 10:00 pm. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday. There is a better chance of being able to sleep off the adrenalin rush from watching the Wings tear up the Sharks.

Here's to winning the first game in the Shark Tank

There is something to be said about living near the “D” during the Wings’ annual quest for Stanley. The something is that all people ā€” who consider Michigan home ā€” unite for the common purpose of rallying behind the greatest professional hockey team of all time. A momentum of epic proportions takes over. Skies seem to clear to a brilliant blue for this occasion alone; and the promise of summer-like temps beckons fans to light up the barbeque and to share a few barley sodas.

In 1997, I recall driving home from Port Huron after a wine-and-dine date with my soon-to-be-husband. That was the night-of-nights for Wings’ fans everywhere. After years of failing to capture Stanley, the quest ended triumphantly. People stood at street corners ringing cowbells, scores of drivers honked their horns in unison for hours, and screaming fans chanted happiness for a change.

Tonight promises to be a contest for Wings’ players and fans. I am eager to see the Wings bring their game and to set the tone for this second-round series. Winning at the shark tank will not be easy. But, I believe and I am hopeful for a successful 2011 quest for Stanley.

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