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Up until September, I was an avid viewer of The Biggest Loser. My interest sparked when contestants from Southeastern Michigan celebrated tremendous successes on the show. The Biggest Loser does extend a powerful, positive message: anyone can make lasting positive lifestyle changes given the right environment, support and resources. Also, the celebrity personal trainers, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, appear to have a proven track records. Their exercise DVDs have been among my best fitness aids because they have helped me realize visible, lasting results.

With that being said, I also think the show encourages at-home viewers to develop unrealistic fitness and weight management expectations. For example, most of us do not have the luxury of leaving professional, parental, marital, social, and household responsibilities to focus exclusively on weight and fitness management for extended periods of time. Next, devoting all wakeful hours to exercise is not a consistent reality and it is unhealthy. Finally, it is unnerving to watch the weigh-ins at the end of each episode. With self-esteem hanging out for all to see, each contestant steps onto the scale for the moment of triumph or defeat. Smiles deflate, shoulders slump and words of disappointment come forth when losses don’t match expectations. I can relate to this. There have been objectives — some too grandiose — I have set for myself. Along the way, I encountered challenges and experienced frustration that zapped my confidence. But, I think contestants should be encouraged to stand proud for all pounds lost. A loss is a loss. Plus, it’s unrealistic for at-home viewers to expect losses comparable to what they see on The Biggest Loser.


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  1. Funny. I was reading your post while watching this very show. I agree with you, the show is motivating as well as a kick to self esteem. To see people so tied to loosing 3 lbs in a week vs 10lbs seems a bit crazy. I also think having them come out shirtless or with the small tank top is a bit shaming. I know it’s for TV and shock value but, I feel the contestants extreme weight is being used for people to gawk at… AND yet…they did sign up for it knowing what they were getting into. I think this is a case of “both/and”….so many pluses and minuses on this show. P.S. I love Bob Harper. 😛


    1. Hi Beth. Thanks for reading. Bob is my fave trainer, too. I love working out to his DVDs. They get the job done for me.


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